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  • Hot Products Hot Products
    Hot Products is a selection of Keynovo Biotech's recent exports with advantages based on feedback from online and offline trade data.
    The active pharmaceutical ingredients provided by Keynovo Biotech comply with the mainstream pharmacopoeia. For example, USP, BP, EP. And most of the products have GMP, NSF, CEP and other certifications.
  • Food Additives Food Additives
    Keynovo Biotech is committed to providing China's best quality food ingredients to the world. Our products have Halal, Kosher, HACCP, BRC, Organic and other certifications.
  • Nutrition Supplements Nutrition Supplements
    Based on China's huge production advantages, Keynovo Biotech can provide high-quality and preferential nutritional supplement raw materials. The main products include vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.
  • Personal Care Ingredients Personal Care Ingredients
    Keynovo Biotech can provide major personal care ingredients and functional cosmetic ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, collagen, and beauty peptides are our core products.
  • Plant & Animal Extracts Plant & Animal Extracts
    Keynovo Biotech can provide high-quality plant and animal extracts. Our products have Halal, Kosher, GMP and other certifications. Our core products include menthol, stevia, ginkgo extract, stevia, etc.
  • OEM Cosmetics OEM Cosmetics
    Keynovo Biotech can provide OEM of various cosmetics. Our factory has passed GMPC/ISO22716 certification and has complete production technologies for personal care, liquid, biological freeze-drying and other categories.
  • OEM Nutritions OEM Nutritions
    Our factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, HACCP, NSF, BRC and US FDA registration, including many qualification registrations and certifications, and our products have obtained market access qualifications in 65 countries such as Europe and the United States.
  • Packages Packages
    We can provide packaging for all kinds of food, cosmetics and medicines. Our factory has passed ISO45001, SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certifications.
Hot Products
Hot Products is a selection of Keynovo Biotech's recent exports with advantages based on feedback from online and offline trade data.
  • PQQ Powder
    Pyrroloquinoline Quinone PQQ Powder
    PQQ can treat heart disease, neurological diseases, protect liver, maintain mitochondrial function, etc.
  • NMN Powder Suppliers
    NMN Powder
    Nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN for short, is a substance inherent in the human body. Studies have shown that NMN is very effective in anti-aging
  • N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine Suppliers
    Acetyl glucosamine is one of the raw materials used to form new cartilage in the body. A number of clinical studies have proven that glucosamine can help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and bursitis, as well as other diseases related to the destruction of cartilage regeneration.
  • Keratin Powder
    Keratin Hydrolyzed Powder
    Hydrolyzed keratin has a protective effect on hair and hairs, acting as an effective protector for damaged hair and repairing split ends, reducing and preventing split ends.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder Suppliers
    Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder
    Ginkgo biloba extract has antioxidant activity, cardiovascular activity, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-tumor activity. The active ingredients are mainly ginkgo flavonoids and ginkgo diterpene lactone compounds
  • Menthol
    Menthol Crystals
    Menthol has antipruritic, analgesic, antiseptic, irritant, anesthetic, cooling and anti-inflammatory effects. It can be used as a flavoring agent for cigarettes, cosmetics, toothpaste, perfume, toilet water, beverages and candy.
The active pharmaceutical ingredients provided by Keynovo Biotech comply with the mainstream pharmacopoeia. For example, USP, BP, EP. And most of the products have GMP, NSF, CEP and other certifications.
  • Povidone Iodine Powder Suppliers
    Povidone Iodine Powder
    Povidone-iodine is an unstable complex formed by the complexation of surfactants and iodine, which is an iodophor external disinfectant. It has good stability, no irritation, and has strong killing effect on bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and spores. It is the first choice for iodine-containing fungicides.
  • Ivermectin Powder Suppliers
    Ivermectin Powder
    Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity antibiotic antiparasitic, acaricide, and nematicide. It is an insect nerve agent and a biological penetrant.
  • Liraglutide Suppliers
    Liraglutide is a clear, colorless solution. The dosage form is subcutaneous injection. After years of research and development, Liraglutide has many functions such as promoting the regeneration of islet cells, lowering blood sugar, reducing weight and protecting the cardiovascular system.
  • Semaglutide Peptide Suppliers
    Semaglutide Peptide
    Somaglutide is a long-acting formulation developed based on the basic structure of liraglutide, and it has a better effect on the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  • Cefotaxime Sodium Powder Suppliers
    Cefotaxime Sodium Powder
    Cefotaxime sodium (CAS: 64485-93-4) is a commonly used carbapenem antibiotic. It belongs to the third-generation semi-synthetic cephalosporin. It has a broader antibacterial spectrum than cefuroxime. It is resistant to gram-negative bacteria. Stronger
  • Azithromycin Powder Suppliers
    Azithromycin Powder
    Azithromycin(CAS 83905-01-5) is a kind of antibiotics with a wide range of clinical applications. It has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, little irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, and fast oral absorption. It can be used by adults and children
Food Additives
Keynovo Biotech is committed to providing China's best quality food ingredients to the world. Our products have Halal, Kosher, HACCP, BRC, Organic and other certifications.
  • Yeast Beta Glucan
    Yeast Beta Glucan Powder
    Yeast β-glucan can be used as dietary fiber in the food industry, and can also be used as a high-quality health food supplement.
  • Organic Pea Protein
    Organic Pea Protein Powder
    Organic pea protein is made from high-quality organic non-GMO peas. The process includes separation, homogenization, sterilization and spray drying. The protein content is more than 80%, with good gelatinization and water solubility, including dispersibility, stability and solubility.
  • Nisin Powder
    Natural Preservative Nisin Powder
    Nisin is a natural food preservative with high efficiency, non-toxicity, safety and no side effects, and has good solubility and stability. It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of many Gram-positive bacteria that cause food decay, especially for thermostable Bacillus, Clostridium botulinum and Listeria.
  • Xylitol Powder Suppliers
    Xylitol Powder
    The metabolism of xylitol in the body does not require the participation of insulin, does not increase the blood sugar level, and can eliminate the three types of diabetes (polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia), so it is a safe sweetener and nutritional supplement for diabetics And adjuvant therapeutic agents.
  • Sucralose Powder Suppliers
    Sucralose Powder
    Sucralose sweetener is a zero-calorie sugar substitute artificial sweetener. Sucralose is about 600 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar), twice sweeter than saccharin, and 3.3 times sweeter than aspartame. Unlike aspartame, it is stable under heat and a wide range of pH conditions, and can be used in baking or products that require a longer shelf life.
  • Erythritol Powder Suppliers
    Erythritol Powder
    Erythritol can be produced by fermentation of glucose and white crystalline powder. It is sweet and refreshing, not easy to absorb moisture, and has high temperature stability. It has a mild and cool taste, suitable for all kinds of food.
Nutrition Supplements
Based on China's huge production advantages, Keynovo Biotech can provide high-quality and preferential nutritional supplement raw materials. The main products include vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.
  • Soybean PS
    Phosphatidylserine Powder
    The main function of phosphatidylserine is to improve memory, delay brain fatigue, treat Alzheimer's disease, and relieve mental stress
  • Beta Carotene Powder Suppliers
    Beta Carotene Powder
    Beta-carotene is a carotenoid. It is a ubiquitous and most stable natural pigment in nature. It is an orange-yellow fat-soluble compound and is mainly used as a nutrient fortifier and food coloring agent.
  • Vitamin A Acetate
    Vitamin A Acetate Powder
    Vitamin A acetate is an essential factor that regulates the growth and health of epithelial tissue cells, thins the surface of rough and aging skin, promotes the normalization of cell metabolism, and has obvious wrinkle-removing effects. It can be used in skin care, wrinkle removal, whitening and other advanced skin care products.
  • Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Suppliers
    Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen
    Fish collagen peptides using tilapia and cod as raw materials; peptide products based on modern bioengineering and enzymatic directional shearing technology; fish collagen peptides can be divided into food grade and cosmetic grade to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Vitamin E Oil Suppliers
    Vitamin E Oil
    Natural vitamin E has the effects of light spots and whitening, prevention of skin aging, regulation of endocrine, prevention of three highs and thrombosis, so it is widely used in food, nutrition and health products and cosmetics and other fields.
  • L-Cystine Powder Suppliers
    L-Cystine Powder
    L-cystine can be used in medicine, feed nutrition enhancer, cosmetic additive, and food flavoring agent.
Personal Care Ingredients
Keynovo Biotech can provide major personal care ingredients and functional cosmetic ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, collagen, and beauty peptides are our core products.
  • Lanolin
    Lanolin Anhydrous
    Lanolin is the product of extracting and refining the secreted wool grease attached to the wool. It can be used to prepare cosmetics, medical ointments, and also in leather and fur industries.
  • Beta Arbutin Powder Suppliers
    Beta Arbutin Powder
    Arbutin is an ideal brightener for whitening cosmetics. There are two optical isomers, namely alpha and bata. The biologically active one is beta arbutin. In cosmetics, it can effectively whiten and remove freckles on the skin. Beta arbutin is highly safe and has no side effects such as irritation and sensitization.
  • Kojic Acid Powder Suppliers
    Kojic Acid Powder
    Kojic acid has certain antibacterial and anti-oxidant effects. Cosmetics added with kojic acid have the functions of skin care, moisturizing, whitening, brightening, sun protection, and freckle removal.
  • Octocrylene Suppliers
    Octrelin is a UV-A and UV-B filter used in sunscreen and topical pharmaceutical formulations. Mainly used in plastics, coatings, dyes, color cosmetics, sunscreens, etc. as UV absorbers
  • Biotin Powder
    D-Biotin Vitamin H Powder
    Biotin, also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R, is a water-soluble B-vitamin (vitamin B7). D-Biotin participates in lipid and protein metabolism and helps convert food into glucose, which the body can use as energy. It is also important for maintaining skin, hair and mucous membranes.
  • Glutathione Powder
    Reduced L-Glutathione Powder
    Glutathione (GSH) has the functions of skin whitening and liver protection, and inhibiting the formation of fatty liver. It has a broad-spectrum detoxification effect, can combine with toxic compounds such as acrylonitrile, fluoride, carbon monoxide, heavy metal ions or carcinogens that enter the body, and promote its excretion from the body. It can be used for the treatment of poisoning caused by the above substances.
Plant & Animal Extracts
Keynovo Biotech can provide high-quality plant and animal extracts. Our products have Halal, Kosher, GMP and other certifications. Our core products include menthol, stevia, ginkgo extract, stevia, etc.
  • Cinnamon Oil Suppliers
    Cinnamon Oil
    Cinnamon oil can be used as a edible spice and a flavoring agent. Mainly used in soft drinks, candy, canned food, baked goods, alcohol and tobacco, etc.
  • Eucalyptus Oil
    Eucalyptus Oil 80%
    Eucalyptus oil is extracted from eucalyptus leaves. It has multiple functions: antibacterial and sterilization, relieve sore throat, prevent parasites, and remove dandruff.
  • Reishi Extract Powder
    Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder
    Ganoderma/Reishi mushroom, also known as Ling-Zhi (Chinese), has shown in recent studies to be helpful for heart health, including normal cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulatory system support. Ganoderma/Reishi mushroom contains a high amount of polysaccharides, which are essential for proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Lycopene Powder
    Tomato Extract Lycopene Powder
    Lycopene is a very important class of carotenoids. It not only has anti-cancer and anticancer effects, but also has important significance for preventing various adult diseases such as cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis, strengthening the human immune system, and delaying aging. It is a very promising natural pigment.
  • Matcha Powder
    Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder
    Organic matcha green tea powder includes catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxy phenols that are easily oxidized, congregated, and contracted, which explains its good anti-oxidation effect. Its anti-oxidation effect is 25-100 times as strong as those of vitamin C and E.It is widely used in medicines, agriculture, and chemical and food industries.
  • Monk Fruit Powder Suppliers
    Monk Fruit Powder
    Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) grew and harvested from vines in the Guangxi Province of China, this rare fruit is often used as a sugar substitute. It is known to have a positive effect on blood glucose and helps to ease damaged pancreatic cells. Long used to reduce coughs and fevers, additional health benefits of this unique fruit are constantly being found.
OEM Cosmetics
Keynovo Biotech can provide OEM of various cosmetics. Our factory has passed GMPC/ISO22716 certification and has complete production technologies for personal care, liquid, biological freeze-drying and other categories.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Private Label Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Eucalyptus oil is one of the most common and widely used essential oils and has good health effects. Eucalyptus oil can effectively relieve sinus infections, flu, bronchitis, colds and nasal congestion and other respiratory diseases.
  • Fullerene Essence
    Private Label Vitamin C Fullerene Essence
    Fullerene mainly acts as an anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect by absorbing free radicals in the human body, and is known as the "retrograde of time" and "free radical killer" by the skin care industry.
  • Apple Stem Cell Essence
    Private Label Apple Stem Cell Essence
    Apple stem cells repair damaged cells and activate dormant cells to promote cell regeneration and then achieve anti-aging effects.
  • Rose Essential Oil
    Private Label Rose Essential Oil
    100% Pure Rose Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Oil for Diffuser Premium Quality; natural, unfiltered, undiluted, no-additives, no-fillers.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Essence
    1ML Ampoule Hyaluronic Acid Essence
    Keynovo Biotech can provide private label ampoule essence with multiple functions. For more details, please consult us.
  • Portable Mouthwash
    10ML Portable Mouthwash
    Keynovo Biotech can provide private label mouthwashes in different capacities and flavors. For more details, please consult us
OEM Nutritions
Our factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, HACCP, NSF, BRC and US FDA registration, including many qualification registrations and certifications, and our products have obtained market access qualifications in 65 countries such as Europe and the United States.
  • Milk Thistle Extract Capsule Suppliers
    Milk Thistle Extract Capsule
    Silymarin can protect the liver from damage of alcohol, chemical toxicant, drug, food poison,accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing. So it is called "The natural liver protection drug".
  • L-carnitine Coffee Suppliers
    L-carnitine Coffee
    The main components of L-carnitine coffee are Brazilian black coffee and L-carnitine. The effect of burning body fat is achieved through the action of both.
  • Probiotic Solid Beverage
    Freeze Dried Probiotic Solid Beverage
    Intestinal probiotic solid beverages can be used in food (dairy products, beverages, snacks, etc.), health food, nutrition, medicine, diet. ODM and OEM available
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin
    Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Capsules
    Glucosamine Chondroitin Capsules are composed of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and dimethyl sulfone (MSM) as the main components. It has the functions of repairing bone and joint cartilage, improving arthritis, lubricating joints, increasing bone density, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals.
  • Multivitamin
    Men's Multivitamin Tablets
    Men's multivitamin tablets are rich in vitamin B group, zinc, selenium and other nutrients. Ready-made formulas are available, and customized formulas are accepted.
  • Collagen Oral Liquid Suppliers
    Collagen Oral Liquid
    Keynovo Biotech can provide a variety of private label nutritional supplements. Our factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, HACCP, NSF, BRC and FDA. For more details, please consult us.
We can provide packaging for all kinds of food, cosmetics and medicines. Our factory has passed ISO45001, SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certifications.
  • Nasal Spray Pump
    Multi-dose Nasal Spray Pump
    Dosage: 45mcl to 220mcl Compatible Net Size:18/410,18/415, 18DIN, 18TE, 20/410, 24/410 screw-on, 20mm snap on and 20mm crimp-on neck are available.
  • Aluminum Perfume Atomizer
    Electroplated Aluminum Perfume Atomizer
    Packing details: Standard export packing Carton size According to bottle size made Sample Time about 7 days but need pay express freight Delivery Time: 55-60days. If having stock, time can be negotiable Payment Terms: T/T, western union
  • Perfume Pen Bottle
    Perfume Atomizer Bottle
    The main products of Keynovo Biotech mini sprayer series include perfume nozzle series, card spray bottle series, writing perfume pen series, PP spray pen series, self-filling perfume bottle, etc.
  • Card Shape Perfume Bottle
    Pocket Card Shape Plastic Perfume Atomizer Bottle
    The main products of Keynovo Biotech mini sprayer series include perfume nozzle series, card spray bottle series, writing perfume pen series, PP spray pen series, self-filling perfume bottle, etc.
  • Perfume Spray Bottle
    Luxury Perfume Spray Bottle with Cap
    Material Glass/Plastic Different bottle volume 3ml 5ml 10ml 15ml Cap Screw cap / plastic white black cap/metal golden silver cap Roller material Glass roller/metal roller/stainless steel roller
  • Nasal Spray Pump
    Nasal Drop Spray Pump
    Nasal Spray Pump can be used for nasal administration and mucosal administration spray. Each spray dose is controllable, the international caliber, and the shape can meet your individual needs.
  • Roll on Bottle
    Glass Roll-on Bottle
    Material Glass Different bottle volume 3ml 5ml 10ml 15ml Cap screw cap / plastic white black cap/metal golden silver cap Roller material glass roller/metal roller/stainless steel roller Roll-on bottles are mainly used for perfumes, essential oils, antiperspirants, and insect repellents.
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latest news
A New Wave Of Pea Protein
Jun 29, 2022 A New Wave Of Pea Protein
A New Wave Of Pea Protein Data shows that U.S. consumers eat more than 200 pounds of beef, pork and chicken per capita per year, however, people are now gradually changing their diet and habits to find more alternative protein sources due to various health concerns, animal protection issues and environmental damage. The global pea protein market is increasing in value every year and is expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2022. According to statistics, strict vegetarians make up 6 percent of the U.S. population and with nearly one-third of Americans implementing meat-free days, 35 percent of respondents said they are increasing their intake of non-meat proteins. In this consumer environment, a variety of plant-based protein alternatives have emerged and are widely used in food and beverages such as energy bars, milk alternatives and burgers. The production and application of pea protein has greatly enriched the source of protein in food, and in the past few years, the number of products containing pea protein has increased by nearly 200%, covering almost all food categories, from energy bars to bread are used. Bill Gilbert, Cargill's chief technologist, said the market for whole grain and dietary fiber-based bread is already quite saturated, and baking bread with pea protein as an ingredient may usher in new opportunities. At the same time, pea protein does not contain cholesterol, animal fat, no animal farming brought about by the environmental burden, and even become Beyond Meat and other vegetarian burgers in the star ingredients, like ordinary burgers on the grill can also be "spewed gravy. In addition, pea protein has also become a substitute for milk protein, there are now Ripple, Bolthouse Farms and other companies produce pea milk, and strive to replace lentil milk, milk, etc., in the protein drinks to occupy a place. What are the advantages of pea protein? Pea protein was not the first to gain widespread attention and use as an alternative vegetable protein source to animal protein. Accounting for $1.7 billion in global market value to date and continuing to grow at a rate of 10%, soy protein is by far the largest portion of vegetable protein and the preferred alternative protein source for many processing manufacturers. 1. Nutritional Properties Since many people choose not to eat meat for religious, political, economic or health reasons, plant protein becomes a good nutritional alternative. In terms of nutritional properties, pea protein has been shown to be beneficial to the human body in many important ways. Kristen Ciccolini, a vegetarian nutritionist from Boston, says that pea protein is easier to digest than the protein found in cow's milk and helps maintain blood sugar balance, making it a great choice for weight loss and appetite control. 2. Sustainable properties From an environmental perspective, Dr. Chengci Chen, crop systems agronomist and crop leader at Montana State University's Eastern Agricultural Research Center, says that...
Jun 21, 2022 FIA THAILAND 2022
Recently, Informa Exhibitions has officially announced that Vitafoods Asia will move to Bangkok, Thailand, and be held in the same venue as Fi Asia Thailand from October 5-7, 2022, to create a one-stop exhibition platform for cross-food and nutraceuticals in ASEAN and Asia. With global consumption of nutraceuticals and functional foods being further pulled up after the new crown pandemic, the Asia Pacific nutraceuticals market is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 8.8% in the coming years. Thailand is one of the important consumer markets in Asia Pacific, and according to a report by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, the nutraceuticals industry in Thailand generated sales of USD 3.5 billion in 2019, mainly in anti-aging , natural supplements , and personalized nutritional products . The food and beverage and nutraceutical industries in the ASEAN region have been eagerly awaiting the return of Vitafoods Asia and FI Asia Thailand, which have been postponed since the new crown epidemic swept the world in 2020. The two shows are expected to attract more than 21,000 professional buyers when they are jointly held. It will also allow exhibitors and buyers to meet face-to-face for the first time after three years to capture trade opportunities, obtain information on the development of new products and ingredients, gain insight into the market trends in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region, and build an integrated supply platform for food & beverage ingredients, nutraceutical ingredients and finished products. Fi Asia, the flagship exhibition for the food and beverage industry in Asia, brings together ingredient suppliers, distributors and food and beverage manufacturers from ASEAN and around the world, touring Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia. 2019 FIA Thailand has an exhibition area of over 36,000 square meters, an increase of 20% over the previous show; more than 9,000 exhibitors from 65 countries More than 9,000 exhibitors from 65 countries, including more than 100 Chinese exhibitors, Anhui Keynovo also sent a team to FIA in 2019. more than 20,000 professional visitors visited the show during the three-day exhibition, and more than 60 concurrent conferences introduced the latest information on the market and technology of the food and beverage industry in the ASEAN region from multiple perspectives and in all aspects. Vitafoods Asia is an international professional exhibition dedicated to the nutritional health food, functional food, beverage and dietary supplement industry in the Asia-Pacific region, covering the entire industry chain of raw materials and ingredients, contract customized production and brands, finished formulations, production machinery/equipment and services, etc. VFA Singapore 2019 attracted more than 100 exhibitors enterprises and more than 3,500 visitors, providing an international platform for ASEAN and Asia-Pacific buyers to discuss business cooperation with many global health food industry suppliers.
22th Week Nutrition Industry News
Jun 14, 2022 22th Week Nutrition Industry News
1. DSM introduces Bakezyme® GO Pure, an innovative baking solution for glucose oxidase DSM has launched Bakezyme® GO Pure, a glucose oxidase, a baking enzyme from a unique donor source. The product is said to have four main advantages: 1) replacement of azocarbamide; 2) replacement of potassium bromate; 3) reduction of off-flavors; and 4) improved dough stability and increased bread volume. In addition, the product also has the characteristics of improving mixing resistance, improving dough ductility and elasticity, and replacing some ascorbic acid and gluten powder. (Source: DSM Food Nutrition & Technology) 2.KERRY launched BC30 probiotic KERRY launched BC30 probiotic. It is reported that BC30 probiotic is a patented strain of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30,6086, which is a natural heat-resistant, probiotic component that does not need to be stored under refrigeration. Unlike ordinary probiotics, BC30 probiotic can form budding spores, and its outermost hard budding spore wall can play a protective role such as acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, so BC30 probiotic can maintain probiotic activity through dormant state during production, transportation and shelf. Currently, there are more than 25 clinical publications verifying its efficacy. BC30 can be used as a functional ingredient in foods and beverages, including gummies, nuts, teas, potato chips, supplements, powders, etc. It has been proven to provide beneficial strains of bacteria and support the body's digestive health and immune system. (Source: KERRY) 3.ADM launched a white colorant solution series PearlEdge, can be used as a titanium dioxide replacement ADM launched a white colorant solution series PearlEdge, which can be used as an alternative to titanium dioxide formulations. It is reported that the series is derived from natural corn starch and other sources, patent pending, with good stability and performance in all aspects, can provide bright, stable and uniform white coloring for a variety of food and beverage applications, suitable for candy, powdered beverage mixes and beverages, baking icing and fillings, sugar-free products, soups, sauces and condiments, dairy and dairy alternatives, meat alternatives and pet food. In addition, PearlEdge is available in "Silk" and "Satin", designed to enhance sensory appeal, act as an opaque primer, deliver vibrant colors and create a smoother texture in certain applications. (Source: ADM) 4. Vaneeghen introduces FruiteX-B, a plant-based joint health mineral compound, to the EU market Vaneeghen has launched FruiteX-B, a joint health mineral complex, which is now available commercially in the EU. Manufactured by Future Ceuticals, FruiteX-B is said to be not only a solution that goes beyond traditional glucosamine , chondroitin  and collagen , but also a new tool in the field of plant-based joint health. According to the company, the product is fast-acting, vegan-friendly, highly bioavailable, low-dose, and c...
Eye Health Market and Main Raw Materials
Jun 07, 2022 Eye Health Market and Main Raw Materials
Eye Health Market and Main Raw Materials With the popularity of computers, TVs, cell phones, and other devices, eye health issues have become increasingly serious, which is driving consumer demand for eye care products. According to Innova data, new product launches with eye health claims grew at a CAGR of 20% globally between 2017-2019. the share of new product launches with eye health claims increased in EMEA between 2015-2019. a report by Grand View Research shows that globally eye health product sales exceed $1.5 billion in 2019 and the market is expected to maintain a CAGR of 6.1% through 2027. Vitamins are the most critical ingredient in eye health products. The top five functional ingredients in new launches with eye health claims are vitamin A, vitamin B9, vitamin B2, vitamin E, and DHA, with global food and beverage and dietary supplement launches with eye health claims and containing vitamin A growing at a CAGR of 11% during 2015-2019, which is well recognized by the market. Consumers are using dietary supplements to help them improve their eye problems and are choosing products from natural ingredients and avoiding the use of drugs. In addition to these types of eye care ingredients, carotenoids, represented by lutein and zeaxanthin, are also extremely common ingredients in the eye care field. Carotenoids are the precursors of vitamin A and can be transformed into vitamin A in the human body. Lutein is the main pigment of the macular region of the human eye, and its main physiological function for the eye is as an antioxidant and photoprotection, which can promote the regeneration of retinal cells in the retina and protect vision; zeaxanthin often coexists in nature with lutein, beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin, etc. The intake of zeaxanthin can make The intake of zeaxanthin can increase the macular pigment, enhance the ability of macular area against harmful substances and light ray damage, and prevent and slow down age-related macular degeneration. Anthocyanins can scavenge free radicals, reduce the oxidative damage of light on retinal cells, strengthen the elasticity of eye microvessels, promote blood circulation and maintain normal eye pressure. New Eye Care Ingredients In addition to these traditional eye care ingredients, in recent years, the market has also emerged a number of innovative and relatively cold ingredients. 1.Capsaicin Capsaicin improves the optical density of macular pigments, protects the eye from blue and white light, improves light stress recovery to reduce eye fatigue, and reduces intraocular pressure (IOP), which is critical to long-term vision health. Unibar recently completed an animal study on capsaicin, an unpublished study that demonstrated the efficacy of capsaicin in reducing benzalkonium chloride-induced dry eye symptoms in rats.Unibar's patent-pending CapsiClear, a 50% capsaicin composition standardized for launch in 2020, is supported by two clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy in promoting ligh...
First FDA NDI Approval for Chinese NMN Ingredients
Jun 02, 2022 First FDA NDI Approval for Chinese NMN Ingredients
On May 17, Syncozymes Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Syncozymes") officially received the confirmation letter (AKL) from the FDA, confirming that Syncozymes' NMN ingredients have successfully passed the NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) approval. (New Dietary Ingredient) approval. According to the FDA's NDI acceptance letter, Syncozymes' NMN ingredient will be ready for use in the production, marketing and promotion of nutraceuticals in the United States after the expiration of the silent period on June 5, 2022. NMN is known as β-nicotinamide mononucleotide. NMN can be rapidly converted to NAD+ after entering the body, compensating for the decline in NAD+ content caused by aging. NDI, which stands for New Dietary Ingredients, is an important certification system for the U.S. dietary supplement market. According to 21 U.S.C. 350b(d) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, if a company believes that a dietary supplement it will introduce to the market contains a new dietary ingredient (which is an ingredient that has not appeared on the The company must submit a report to the Oversight Board at least 75 days prior to the introduction of the product, providing detailed information on the new ingredient and demonstrating that it is reasonable to expect that the new ingredient is safe for human absorption. The approval of NDI not only represents the FDA's official recognition of the safety and quality of NMN raw materials, but also represents the FDA's official approval of NMN as a dietary supplement ingredient in the U.S. This is a significant good news for the development of the global NMN industry, and is also beneficial to the standardized development of the NMN industry in the long run. Syncozymes covers an area of 230 acres for the industrialization base of coenzyme NAD series products and chemical drugs in May 2020, which is designed to have a special production plant of NMN with a capacity of 100 tons/year.
21th Week Nutrition Industry News
May 23, 2022 21th Week Nutrition Industry News
1、KERRY launched mood relief product wellmune® yeast beta-glucan Background: The prolonged stay at home caused by the epidemic not only prevents people from going out and relaxing, but also makes it difficult to relieve people's anxiety. Maintaining a good state of mind and body can help people better engage in their work. Wellmune® yeast beta-glucan is a functional product that adds immune benefits to improve mood and maintain physical and mental health. Wellmune® Yeast Beta Glucan is a yeast beta glucan derived from the cell wall of baker's yeast that has been clinically proven to enhance immunity, reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), improve mood, and relieve stress. In addition, the product is stable and is available in both water-dispersible and water-soluble powder forms. The water-dispersible form can be evenly suspended in liquid products, while the water-soluble form can be added to beverages requiring clarification. (Source: KERRY) 2. Cohanson is launching the auxiliary fermentation culture Vega Boost Cohanson is expanding Cohanson's Vega culture line with the launch of Vega Boost, an auxiliary fermentation culture. The product is said to improve fermentation performance and provide subtle flavor, allowing for differentiated flavors of plant-based dairy alternatives. In addition, Cohanson is introducing a plant-based cream cheese made from fava beans. This cream cheese, which is soy-free and offers similar nutritional profiles to animal dairy products, was developed in partnership with Chivaton, Erion and AAK. (Source: foodingredientsfirst) 3. Chivaton launches Customer Foresight, a new artificial intelligence platform Kivaton has launched Customer Foresight, a "future planning platform" that will use big data, AI technology and the company's own expertise to co-create food experiences with customers. It will enable customers to detect signals, understand emerging trends and predict potential future outcome scenarios, providing opportunities to enhance current development processes. The Chivaton Customer Foresight platform is currently being piloted in two test markets and is expected to be launched in 2023. (Source: foodingredientsfirst) 4, Bioiberica launches digestive health ingredient DAOgest and skin health ingredient Dermial Bioiberica launched two new ingredients at the Vitafoods Europe trade show, DAOgest, a digestive health ingredient, and Dermial, a skin health ingredient, which is said to be a natural extract based on the enzyme diamine oxidase that improves histamine digestion and is effective at a low dose of 4.2 mg per serving, while Dermial is a new ingredient for skin care that provides a new level of protection for the skin. a new ingredient in skin care that brings powerful rejuvenation to the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin, helping to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. According to the company, data show that Dermial has superior effects in inducing type I collagen synthesis, HD...
20th Week Nutrition Industry News
May 17, 2022 20th Week Nutrition Industry News
1. Chivaton introduces NaNino+, a replacement for nitrite in processed meats Chivaton has launched NaNino +. The product is said to be a combination of a botanical ingredient (patent pending) and natural flavors with good flavor, color and freshness that can replace nitrites in processed meats. As a clean label integrated solution, the product ensures freshness throughout the shelf life of the food and provides a marinade-like, long-lasting multi-sensory experience in terms of flavor and color. (Source: foodingredientsfirst) 2. PIP International launches "Ultimate Pea Protein" PIP International has launched "Ultimate Pea Protein" (UP.P), which can be used in plant-based foods. P is said to be a plant protein that enhances appearance and function, with a complete essential amino acid profile and environmental benefits for soil fixation. The company uses forced technology to induce protein isolation without compromising its functional properties. The product is currently used in a variety of food applications such as dairy, cheese, spoon products, beverages, confectionery and specialty foods. (Source: foodingredientsfirst) 3, Rousselot (Rousselot) launched collagen matrix ingredient Colartix, can be used for joint care Rousselot is showcasing its latest ingredient, Colartix, at Vitafoods Europe 2022. The product is said to be a collagen matrix derived from natural cartilage, consisting of naturally occurring collagen peptides and glycosaminoglycans (GAG), which can be used to support joint health and joint care in the elderly. Currently, Colartix is easily masked and formulated in different products for many applications in tablet and capsule form. (Source: nutritioninsight) 4. Arla Foods Ingredients Launches New Whey Permeate Variolac for New Brazilian Sugar Labeling Regulations Background: New food labeling regulations in Brazil will take effect in October. It requires manufacturers to add a warning label on the front of the package to inform consumers of the amount of added sugars, saturated fats and sodium without highlighting the naturally occurring sugars in milk and dairy ingredients. Arla Foods Ingredients' South American applications team introduced three formulations featuring the whey permeate Variolac (fermented milk beverage, UHT beverage and UHT dessert) and showed Brazilian manufacturers how to adapt to the country's upcoming sugar labeling regulations. Variolac is said to enhance the creamy and milky flavors of products such as dairy beverages and desserts. Not only does it eliminate "added sugar" from the ingredient list, but it also reduces the number of ingredients listed on the package. (Source: foodingredientsfirst) 5, Symrise launched a series of wild cherry health actives, which can provide cellular antioxidant applications Symrise has launched a range of wild cherry health actives that offer a variety of cellular antioxidant applications. Studies have shown that wild cherry has potential cardiovascular, metabolic and immune ...
19th Week Nutrition Industry News
May 09, 2022 19th Week Nutrition Industry News
1、KERRY launches LC40 Lactobacillus fermentum, which is good for infant intestinal and female breast health KERRY launched LC40 Lactobacillus fermentum. It is reported that LC40 is a fermented lactobacillus CECT5716, from the specific strain of healthy breast milk screening (patent number: WO/2004/003235). The strain has been clinically proven to not only effectively regulate infant intestinal health and enhance immunity, but also to support female breast health. Currently, KERRY LC40 can be used in infant formula, solid drinks and drops. (Source: KERRY) 2、IFF launches SeaFlour, a red seaweed powder product that improves the stability of plant-based milk IFF's Nourish division has launched a nutrient-rich hydrocolloid derived from red seaweed that improves the stability of plant-based milk and enables brands to formulate vegan dairy products with fewer ingredients. The ingredient, called SeaFlour, is said to be positioned by IFF as a non-allergenic "seaweed powder" or "natural seaweed" with high suspension capacity and requires minimal processing after harvesting and drying. In addition, it has a unique synergy with plant proteins to maintain the stability of plant-based beverages, providing a smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel throughout their shelf life. As a single ingredient, manufacturers can reduce the fat and sugar content of their products without affecting texture or mouthfeel. 3、Prinova Europe launches high-purity seaweed sugar ingredient enduracarb Prinova Europe has introduced enduracarb, a high-purity seaweed sugar ingredient that can be used as part of its energy gel product concept to improve athletic endurance. Enduracarb is a slow-release disaccharide that has been shown to not only provide long-lasting muscle energy, but also to enhance performance, reduce insulin spikes, combat dehydration, mask bitterness and provide stabilizing properties. According to the company, enduracarb helps sports nutrition products become more competitive as the fuel of choice for endurance. (Source: nutritionaloutlook) 4, plant meat brand Heura launched a new food technology Good Rebel Tech Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura is launching a new technological approach to food called Good Rebel Tech, which will produce high-volume, micronutrient-dense foods in a sustainable manner. The new technology is said to be simple to use, low in energy consumption and utilizes the inherent properties of plants for healthier food options, not only for upgrading nutrient-rich byproduct materials, but also for applying to underutilized plant resources. In addition, the method allows the team to evaluate micronutrients naturally present in the starting material without acting as additive ingredients and simply enhance their bioavailability when needed. As a result, only physical methods are used in the manufacturing process and no chemical treatment is required for the product. It is understood that Good Rebel Tech will file its first patent in 2022, which will ...
17th Week Nutrition Industry News
Apr 27, 2022 17th Week Nutrition Industry News
1. KERRY Launches 0 Trans Fat Phyllo Products for Added Taste. KERRY launched phytolipid end products. It is reported that the fat in this product comes from vegetable oil, which not only does not contain trans fatty acids (palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil), but also can increase the taste. At the same time, the product is produced using the original German imported creamer spray tower equipment, which is highly stable and has good precision. The series of products have a wide range of applications and the recommended dosage is 8%-15%, including mellow phyllo, phyllo 32A, smooth phyllo, phyllo C40, phyllo X80, phyllo CT-S, frothy creamer KKL-8094, phyllo GM36.(Source: KERRY) 2. Cohanson Introduces Plant-based Meat Fermentation Solutions for Shelf-life Stabilization. Cohanson is expanding its Vega Culture Kit portfolio with the launch of its new line of plant-based meat substitute cultures. The series is said to be a fermentation solution that reduces spoilage and maintains the freshness of plant-based alternative proteins. The new line is understood to serve as an alternative to high-salt options on the market, with the power of fermentation to stabilize shelf life and thus reduce sodium content in the product. 3. CK Ingredients Launches FabaFuel, a Broad Bean Plant-based Protein. CK Ingredients has launched FabaFuel, a fava bean plant protein, as a deodorized plant protein. The product is said to be derived from the Canadian snowbird fava bean ingredient and is a fine, light off-white powder with a neutral aroma, 64% protein, 12% fiber and a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 0.75. According to the company, the ingredient has gelation and water retention properties, and its emulsification and foaming properties make FabaFuel an alternative or reduced application for egg whites. FabaFuel can be used in a wide range of applications, including plant-based meat and poultry substitutes, dairy substitutes, batter/bread, baked goods, puffed snacks and powdered beverages. 4. Van Drunen Farms Introduces Horseradish Powder. Van Drunen Farms launched horseradish powder. Amaranth is said to be a leafy, succulent plant commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is a high quality source of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts and is rich in nutrients, containing nine times more omega-3 fatty acids than spinach. In addition, the product has a mild to slightly bitter, rich flavor and is presented in powder form. It can be used in green drinks, smoothies and meal replacements, superfood blends and functional foods. 5. Crown Introduces New VDS for Use in the Oilseed Processing Industry. Crown has introduced a vacuum desolventizer vaporizer (VDS) for continuous indirect vacuum drying and desolventizing of temperature-sensitive products. According to the company, the VDS' desolventizer and vapor stripper are contained in a compact unit with a smaller footprint, providing full solvent recovery with low steam consumption and reduced p...
Sugar Substitutes in the
Apr 24, 2022 Sugar Substitutes in the "Her Economy"
In the 2019 Accenture release, "Winning Her Economy Wisely, Reconceptualizing the Female Consumer in the Digital Age," it is mentioned that China has nearly 400 million female consumers aged 20-60, who would constitute the world's third largest economy if calculated by population size alone, and whose annual consumer spending is controlled by RMB 10 trillion. In recent years, the female group is taking a strong stance to break the inherent perception of women, with women as the main purchasing power in food, mother and child, skin care, home and clothing categories in a household, and all kinds of consumer goods are transforming around the rise of female power. Women are giving a small breakthrough in the areas of health care, skin care and child care to sugar substitutes. 1. Health Care The 2021 Chinese White Collar Women's Healthy Diet White Paper analyzes the food and nutritional intake of urban women aged 18-49, etc. It shows that compared to the past decade, the dietary nutrition and health status of urban women in China has improved considerably, but the overweight and obesity rates have increased significantly. With increased health awareness, "sugar reduction" has become a hot topic. "Sugar reduction" is to reduce the intake of sucrose, but in order not to affect the taste, can be replaced by sugar substitutes, aspartame and sweetener in sugar substitutes are controversial in terms of safety, some countries have banned the use of sugar, which also gives the opportunity for the development of sugar alcohol substitutes, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol and other sugar alcohols with low or 0 sugar characteristics, have CBNData research shows that sugar substitute seasoning and sugar substitute baking are most concerned by female consumers. In Chinese shopping platforms, we can see food products such as sparkling water, tea, yogurt, fudge and jelly with sugar substitute as additives, and their selling points are mostly "sugar reduction", "0 added sucrose" and "no burden for drinking". "By adding erythritol, it can effectively improve the sweetness, heaviness and smoothness of beverages, while reducing their bitterness and astringency and extending the shelf life of food. For cake products, adding erythritol can reduce at least 30% of calories and will not bring negative effects after use, adding erythritol in jam can enhance the natural fruit flavor index, which is concerned and commented by the people who need to reduce sugar. 2. Skin Care In terms of skin care, women are more and more concerned about product ingredients, product efficacy and scientific skin care. Xylitol in sugar substitute can be used as a "moisturizer" in skin care products, replacing the role of glycerin, one is that xylitol is derived from wood hemicellulose or corn cob, natural and healthy, it belongs to the body's own substances, and skin contact will not cause allergic reactions; two is that xylitol has moisturizing properties, compared to glycerin, the skin feels more ...

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