• Hefei has officially entered the ranks of China's megacities!
    May 21, 2021 Hefei has officially entered the ranks of China's megacities!
    On the morning of May 21, the "Communiqué of the Seventh National Census of Hefei" was released. Statistics show that the permanent population of Hefei is 9,369,900, which is an increase of 1.913 million or 25.7% compared with the 7.457 million in the sixth national census in 2010. Ranked sixth in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. Census data shows that Hefei has a permanent population of 5.12 million, and it has entered the ranks of megacities in accordance with the national urban scale classification standards. Among the counties (cities), districts and development zones, Baohe has the largest population with a population of 1.217 million, followed by Shushan District with a population of 1.047 million, making it two districts in Hefei with a population of over one million.
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  • Reachever Official Website Upgrade Announcement
    May 15, 2021 Reachever Official Website Upgrade Announcement
    Dear customers, In order to improve the user experience, Reachever.com will suspend updates and push services from May 15th. In the next two to three weeks, Reachever.com will renovate its website. The new Reachever.com will add more AI designs to product display, inquiry management and contact. At the same time, Reachever.com will add new solutions for medicine, cosmetics, food, and nutritional supplements. In order to provide buyers with one-stop service. The new Reachever.com will be officially launched in the first week of June, so stay tuned!
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  • Reachever Obtains Hazardous Chemical Business License
    Aug 25, 2020 Reachever Obtains Hazardous Chemical Business License
    August 25, 2020. After 1 month of preparation, Reachever obtained the hazardous chemical business license. Within this month, Reachever passed the hazardous chemical management examination held by the Emergency Management Bureau and successfully passed the field review. The acquisition of the hazardous chemicals business license means that Reachever can smoothly export hazardous chemicals such as eucalyptus oil and camphor in the future. Congratulations to the Reachever team and also thanks to Ms. Debe for her hard work!
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