• Why Erythritol is So Popular? Sep 09, 2021
    Today, China is the world's largest producer and exporter of synthetic sweeteners. More than 100 years ago, chemist Constantin Fahlberg once had a big fight with his cook while eating dinner at home. He thought the bread was too sweet for the day, while the cook was so convinced of his cooking skills that he insisted he had put just the right amount of sugar. Fahlberg was furious to find that the ...
  • What is PS (phosphatidylserine)?
    What is PS (phosphatidylserine)? Aug 20, 2021
    What is PS (phosphatidylserine)? Phosphatidylserine is extracted from natural soybeans-also known as serine phospholipids, diacylglycerol acyl phosphatidylserine, is a unique bimolecular phospholipid-containing substance that is itself soluble in both water and fat, and is also a class of ubiquitous phospholipids, usually located in the inner layer of cell membranes, phosphoglycerides of phosphate...
  • Joint Health Raw Material-non-denatured Type II Collagen
    Joint Health Raw Material-non-denatured Type II Collagen Aug 11, 2021
    For sportsman, whether they are professional athletes or amateurs, joint health can be crucial. When it comes to bone and joint health, apart from glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, there is a family of ingredients that not only take care of the hydration of the skin, but also benefit the health of the joints, and it is - collagen. Collagen is a structural protein of the extracellular matrix, co...
  • Cosmetic Raw Material--Collagen Peptide
    Cosmetic Raw Material--Collagen Peptide Jul 29, 2021
    Collagen is an important component of human skin, accounting for about 30% of protein, and is an important source of skin elasticity and youthfulness. Collagen is extracted from the skin of deep-sea fish, and its moderate molecular weight makes the product have good permeability and moisturizing properties, which can increase the elasticity of the skin and improve the water retention capacity of t...
  • Comparison of Collagen Ingredients and Odor Removal Methods
    Comparison of Collagen Ingredients and Odor Removal Methods Jul 23, 2021
    Collagen in the production process will produce a unique smell, but not without a solution. There are two kinds of collagen on the market today, one is the dark color and heavy smell, mainly fresh animal skin production: there is a light color and almost no smell, mainly through gelatin hydrolysis preparation or animal skin in the process after a long time high temperature and pressure (gelatin ma...
  • Titanium Dioxide in Cosmetics
    Titanium Dioxide in Cosmetics Jul 16, 2021
    Titanium Dioxide. It is an inert pigment and is considered to be one of the best performing white pigments in the world. The main application areas of titanium dioxide: coatings, plastics, ink, paper, of which coatings account for 60%, plastics account for 20%, paper 14%, other (including cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rod, alloy, glass and other fields) accounte...
  • Is Oral Hyaluronic Acid Useful? Jul 01, 2021
    Hyaluronic acid is also called sodium hyaluronate. It is also widely present in animals, so the earliest hyaluronic acid used is extracted from animals, especially from cockscombs. Because of the small amount, the price is very expensive, and the scope of application is limited to medical treatment. Later, researchers used bioengineering to produce hyaluronic acid in factories, which reduced the p...
  • Why β-glucan is So Popular?
    Why β-glucan is So Popular? Jul 01, 2021
    In recent years, as plant-based oat milk has become popular, yeast ingredients have been continuously explored and used. The important functional ingredient β-glucan in them has attracted the attention of the food industry and experts and scholars. Experts predict that the β-glucan market will surpass Ω-3 in the next few years and become one of the most popular raw materials in the market. Experts...
  • Benefits of Reishi Mushroom
    Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Jun 24, 2021
    Ganoderma lucidum(Reshi Mushroom) is known as the "immortal mushroom" in China and has been used in oriental medicine for more than 2,000 years. Ganoderma lucidum extract has many health-preserving effects: 1. Anti-cancer activity Research in China shows that Ganoderma lucidum extract enhances the anti-tumor ability of macrophages and T-cells. 2. Improve the immune system: (bronchitis, asthma, nas...
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