• Niacinamide (VB3)'s whitening and spot-lightening effect Jul 02, 2020
    Whitening and spot reduction: Whitening is a permanent topic for women. The current skin whitening methods are still to reduce the amount of skin pigment, reduce the particle size of the skin pigment, and change the distribution of skin pigment. However, the method of bleaching or denaturing epidermal cells is not a healthy and legal choice. This is the reason why we only talk about blemishes inst...
  • Characteristics of xanthan gum Jul 02, 2020
    Xanthan gum is currently internationally integrated with thickening, suspension, emulsification and stabilization. The most superior biological glue. The number of pyruvate groups in the molecular side chain ends of xanthan gum has a great influence on its performance. Xanthan gum has the general properties of long-chain polymers, but it contains more functional groups than general polymers, and w...
  • How to use vitamin E acetate in cosmetics
    How to use vitamin E acetate in cosmetics May 21, 2021
    Vitamin E Acetate Benefits 1. Anti-oxidation, reduce the damage of free radicals, and delay photo-aging. 2. Promote wound healing and prevent inflammation. 3. Reducing redness and swelling and diminishing scars. 4. Prevent rough and chapped skin and improve dark spots. 5. Promote hair growth, nourish hair, etc. Vitamin E Acetate Use introduction 1. Solubility: soluble in ethanol, lipids and oils 2...

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