Niacinamide (VB3)'s whitening and spot-lightening effect Jul 02, 2020
Whitening and spot reduction:

Whitening is a permanent topic for women. The current skin whitening methods are still to reduce the amount of skin pigment, reduce the particle size of the skin pigment, and change the distribution of skin pigment. However, the method of bleaching or denaturing epidermal cells is not a healthy and legal choice. This is the reason why we only talk about blemishes instead of freckle. There are many types and causes of spots. Healthy and legal methods can only dilute the spots.

Niacinamide, or vitamin B3. Niacinamide is also a recognized skin anti-aging ingredient in the field of beauty and dermatology. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to it. Its most important effect in skin anti-aging is to reduce and prevent the dull skin and hair caused by the early aging process of the skin. Yellow, vegetable color. Of course, the contribution of niacinamide to the skin is much more than that, it can also repair the damaged stratum corneum lipid barrier and improve skin resistance. There are also some effects that may be overlooked by people, that is, the deep water-locking effect of niacinamide. Therefore, skin care products containing niacinamide have strong water-locking and moisturizing effects. Of course, these effects of nicotinamide depend on sufficient concentration. Large-scale medical clinical studies have proved that only concentrations above 5% have the above effects.

With age, the skin becomes dull and yellow, and topical nicotinamide can improve this dullness. Random studies have shown that using nicotinamide stock solution twice a day, the skin texture is significantly improved, and fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced from the 8th week; the skin becomes elastic, the pigmentation and erythema are significantly reduced, the dullness is significantly reduced, and the skin looks Full of luster.

The content of NADH and NADPH in aging skin is gradually declining, both of which control the whole process of synthesis and decomposition in cells. As a precursor of NADH and NADPH, Nicotinamide can play a role by regulating the balance of the two in vivo. High levels of NADPH exert a powerful antioxidant effect and prevent spontaneous glycosylation of proteins and sugars. The glycated protein produced by the glycosylation reaction is deposited on the dermis and appears yellowish-brown. The glycated products of dermal collagen in 80-year-old skin are 5 times that of 20-year-old skin. Glycosylated protein plays an important role in the appearance of dark yellow in aging skin. Niacinamide can increase NADPH to play an anti-glycation effect, thereby reducing the yellowing of aging skin, reducing facial discoloration and improving skin texture.

Enlarged pores is one of the skin texture problems. External use of niacinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, thereby shrinking pores and reducing the severity of acne.

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