Fish Oil

Refined fish oil refers to the fish internal lipid which is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexenoic acid).
The general fish contains little EPA and DHA, only in cold and deep-sea fishes, like anchovy, salmon, sardine, etc, that are all rich in EPA and DHA, but any other animals which are living inland hardly contain EPA and DHA. It is the reason why we use deep-sea fishes to refine the EPA and DHA.
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    FDA BRC ISO 9001 ISO14001 IP NO-GMO GMP ISO22000
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Product overview:

Product Name Omega3 Fish Oil
Appearance Transparent Oily Liquid
Color Light Yellow
Smell The Characteristic Fishy Smelly of Fish Oil
No Acesent Odor
Specification EE/TG
The Total Oxidation Value(TOTOX) <26
Peroxide Value <5 meq/kg
Acid Value <1mg/g
P-Anisidine Value ≤20
Iodine Value >120g/100g
Refrigeration Test(0ºC,3 hours) Clear
Absorbance(233nm) ≤0.7
Unsaponifiable Matter ≤1%
Weight loss by heating ≤0.1%
Certificate FDA, BRC, HALAL, etc.
Payment term T/T
Country Of Origin Shandong, China
Proportion (EPA/DHA) 18/12, 36/24, 300/200, 360/240, 180/120, etc.
Characteristics Odor slight, Good looking, High purity
Material resources: Extract from sardine, anchovy, salmon, and tuna from Peru
Storage To be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, keep distance to the ground and wall, and protect against direct sunshine.
Application range: Pharmaceutical grade softgel, food-grade softgel, fish oil emulsion, micro-capsule, oral solution
Storage Method: The fish oil should be stored in a dark, ventilated, and dry warehouse, kept off the ground and wall, and not mixed with goods that are poisonous, harmful, smelly, volatile, and corrosive.
 Shelf Life  24 months under the storage condition requested by the stipulated standard.
Annual Production Capacity 20,000 Tons.

    Refined fish oil refers to the oil in fish that is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

    Ordinary fish contain very little EPA and DHA. Only fish in the deep sea in cold regions, such as anchovies, salmon, sardines, etc., have extremely high levels of EPA and DHA in their bodies, and other terrestrial animals hardly contain EPA and DHA. Therefore, deep-sea fish are used to extract EPA and DHA.

Application scope:

    Drug soft capsules, food soft capsules, fish oil emulsion, microcapsules, oral liquid

Source of raw materials:

    Peruvian sardine oil, anchovy oil, salmon oil, tuna oil as the main raw materials

Product features:

    The product indicators meet the global GOED organization standards, with low fishy smell, good color and low heavy metal content.

Recommended usage:

    It is added according to the technological requirements of the applied product, and a certain amount of antioxidants can be added if necessary. After opening the barrel, it can be used within a short period of time under nitrogen protection.

Packing and transportation:

    The product packaging adopts closed steel drums, which conform to the GB/T 325 standard. Packaging specification 180kg/190kg.

    14.4 tons/20GP (pallet packaging available upon request)

    11.52 tons/20RF (pallet packaging available upon request)

    18.72 tons/40RF (pallet packaging available upon request)

Storage method:

    Products should be stored in a dark, ventilated and dry finished product warehouse, away from the ground and away from the wall. Do not mix with toxic, harmful, odorous, volatile and corrosive items.

Annual production capacity:

    20000 tons

Shelf life:

    The product is transported and stored under the conditions specified in this standard, and the shelf life is 24 months

Variety of product forms for you to choose from.
Fish Oil

Fish Oil Capsule

Fish Oil Softgel

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