Collagen Oral Liquid

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Product Description

Product Name  Collagen Drink
 Main ingredients  Enzyme 
 Main functions  Detox, Slimming
 Color  Brown or custom
 Specification  30ml,50ml, or custom
 Package  Bottle or as your requirement
 Service  ODM/OEM is available

1.Collagen Peptides help for the hydrating and moisturizing effect.
2.The elimination of free radicals in the human body, anti-oxidation for anti-aging.
3.Collagen Peptides can increase skin collagen content greatly.
4. Collagen Peptides can prevent osteoporosis.
5.Collagen Peptides can prevent melanin deposition, to achieve the purpose of whitening, a good partner for human beings.

6.Collagen Peptides with vitamin C help to improve your beauty and protect your skin.

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