Erythritol Powder

Erythritol can be produced by fermentation of glucose and white crystalline powder. It is sweet and refreshing, not easy to absorb moisture, and has high temperature stability. It has a mild and cool taste, suitable for all kinds of food.
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Product Description

Product Name
CAS 149-32-6 Erythritol Powder
Amorphous Powder
Shelf Life
24 Months
Above 99%
Functional Food Beverage
25KG Paper Bag
Slightly Sweet Taste Odor Free


1. Erythritol has a strong cooling effect when dissolved in water (endothermic or positive heat of the solution), usually combined with the cooling effect of mint flavoring.

2. Erythritol is usually used as a medium for delivering high-intensity sweeteners (especially stevia derivatives). It has a dual function, providing both bulk and flavor similar to edible sugar.

3. Erythritol is friendly to teeth; it cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria, so it will not cause tooth decay.


1. Used for baking and cooking (biscuits, additives)
2. Drinks.
3. Candy (hard candy, soft candy, cube sugar, chewing gum, chocolate, etc.)
4. Used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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