Private Label Apple Stem Cell Essence

Apple stem cells repair damaged cells and activate dormant cells to promote cell regeneration and then achieve anti-aging effects.
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Product Name Private Label Apple Stem Cell Essence
Main Ingredient Apple fruit cell culture extract, niacinamide,Purslane extract, carnosine,trehalose, allantoin, etc.
Function Reshapes skin tissue and revitalizes skin let skin glowing and full. A powerful and intensive treatment for the skin.
Volume 1mlX30pieces, packed with box.
Sample Available
Private Label Support
Package Customized Package
Color Customized Color
Certificates FDA / ISO  /GMP / SGS / MSDS / COA  
Payment Paypal / TT
MOQ 1 box
OEM Accept
It can repair common problems such as skin damage caused by UV radiation, melanin deposits and stinging of facial skin caused by sunburn. In moderation, Apple Stem Cell Extract can be used to repair damaged skin and return it to a hydrated and youthful condition. It is suitable for people with dark, yellow, sagging skin and chloasma, especially for people with sensitive skin, and can be used in moderation to repair damaged skin.

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