Private Label Rose Essential Oil

100% Pure Rose Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Oil for Diffuser Premium Quality; natural, unfiltered, undiluted, no-additives, no-fillers.
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Product Description

Product Name Rose Essential Oil
Main Ingredient Rose petal
Function Glowing skin Firmer, no added, no burden;Relieve body pressure
Volume 20 ml
Sample Available
Private Label Support   
Package Customized Package 
Certificates FDA/ISO/GMP/SGS/MSDS/COA      
Payment Paypal / TT


Rose essential oil is antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, carminative, purifying, calming and tonic. Suitable for all skin types especially mature dry or sensitive, any sensitive red and inflamed skin. Has a strengthening and constricting microvascular effect and has an excellent rejuvenating effect on ageing skin. Uplifts the mood, relieves nervous tension and stress, and can make a woman feel positive about herself.

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