Yeast Beta Glucan Powder

Yeast β-glucan can be used as dietary fiber in the food industry, and can also be used as a high-quality health food supplement.
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Product Name Factory Supply Bulk 70% Yeast Beta Glucan
Appearance Light yellow to white powder
Spec/Assay Beta Glucan 70%, 80%
Package 1kg per AL bag, 25kg per drum
Shelf Life 2 years when stored properly


1. Beta Glucan is known as "biological response modifiers" because of their ability to activate the immune system.
2. Beta Glucan can enhance the activity of the immune system.
3. Beta Glucan also reportedly lower elevated levels of LDL cholesterol, aid in wound healing, help prevent infections.
4. Beta Glucan has potential as adjuvant in the treatment of cancer.


1. Applied in healthcare supplements field.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field. 
3. Applied in food and beverage.

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