Lanolin Anhydrous

Lanolin is the product of extracting and refining the secreted wool grease attached to the wool. It can be used to prepare cosmetics, medical ointments, and also in leather and fur industries.
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Product Description
Product name: Lanolin Anhydrous
CAS NO: 8006-54-0
Appearance: light yellow colloid,yellow cream
Grade: Cosmetic and pharma grade
Standard: USP, EP

Package: 200kg iron drum/50kg iron drum/18kg iron drum

Function and Application
1. The role of anhydrous lanolin in daily chemicals:
Used in daily chemistry, it can make anti-cracking cream, cold cream, high-grade soap, diapers, etc.
2. The role of anhydrous lanolin in industry:
Industrial production of high-grade anti-rust oil, low temperature lubricant, printing ink, fiber oil, leather fatliquor, plastic plasticizer, latex defoamer, etc.
3. The role of anhydrous lanolin in medicine:
Medicine, used to dispense rheumatism ointment, zinc oxide tape and cream base.
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