Sodium Tripolyphosphate STPP Powder

Sodium triphosphate (STP, STPP or sodium tripolyphosphate or TPP) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na5P3O10. It is an integral part of many household and industrial products, especially mass-produced detergents.
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Product Description

Product Name: Sodium tripolyphosphate
CAS: 7758-29-4
MF: Na5O10P3
MW: 367.86
EINECS: 231-838-7

Sodium tripolyphosphate, also known as pentasodium phosphate, sodium pyrometaphosphate, STPP, pentasodium tripolyphosphate. It is commonly used in food as moisture retention agent, quality improver, pH regulator, and metal chelating agent. 


1. it is a kind of excellent detergent additives, it have have emulsifying and dispersing effect
2. It is used as soft water industry
3. It is used in Ceramic industry 
4. Used in Food industry, improving water holding capacity
5. Modifier, Emulsifier, Buffer, chelating agent, stabilizer etc. 


In detergent
Most of STPP is consumed as a component of commercial detergents. It is used as an industry term for "manufacturers" of water softeners. In hard water (water containing high concentrations of Mg2 + and Ca2 +), the detergent will be inactivated. As a highly charged chelating agent, TPP5- binds firmly to fingerprints and prevents them from interfering with sulfonate detergents.

Food application
STPP is a preservative for seafood, meat, poultry and animal feed. The E number E451 is usually used in food production. In food, STPP is used as an emulsifier and retains moisture. Many governments regulate the amount allowed in food because it can greatly increase the weight of seafood sales. The US FDA lists STPP as "generally considered safe."

Other uses
Other uses (hundreds of thousands of tons per year) include "ceramics, leather tanning (as a masking agent and synthetic tanning agent-SYNTAN), anti-caking, retarder, flame retardant, paper, anticorrosive pigments, textiles, rubber products, fermentation ,antifreeze.

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