Glycine Powder

Glycine is the simplest one among the 20 members of the amino acid series. It is also known as amino acetic acid and is a non-essential amino acid for the human body. Glycine is mainly used in fertilizer, medicine, food additives, condiments and other industries.
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Product Description

Chemical Name:Glycine

CAS No.: 56-40-6

Molecular Formula:C2H5NO2

EINECS No.:200-272-2

Molecular Weight:75.07

Appearance:White crystalline powder


Function and Application

1.Applied to pesticide industry 

Glycine is the production of raw materials of glyphosate herbicide and plant growth regulator increases the important intermediate of gansu phosphine.

Glyphosate: with phosphorus trichloride,formaldehyde reaction of hydrolysis product reacts with glycine, but making new pesticide glyphosate herbicide.

Thickening of gansu phosphine: glycine and formaldehyde, phosphorus trichloride reaction products under 110 for increasing phosphorus, phosphorus increase gump is a highly efficient foliar application of plant growth regulator, widely used in all kinds of crops, also can be used as defoliant before harvest. 

Glycine in potash and phosphate fertilizer to promote plant absorption of potassium and phosphorus.

2.Applied in pharmaceutical industry 

Glycine is human body essential amino acids, in all kinds of amino acid transfusion formula, basically contain glycine, solvent gentle infusion of glycine can be used as a medicine, at the same time it can synthesize a variety of drugs, such as hydrochloric acid to treat high blood pressure drugs leap split, medicinal of calcium carbonate inhibition of gastric ulcer, single glycine acetyl Yang acid calcium, water injection and blood amine etc.


3.Applied in feed industry

Glycine in feed additive, not only is the main nutritional supplements in the livestock and poultry feed ingredients, feed can also prevent the oxidation, extending freshness, feed cattle and sheep feed abroad that glycine, domestic breeding industry has not been widely used, application of glycine in this field to be further development.In addition, the emerging of canned pet feed animals also contains glycine.Add a surprisingly highamount of glycine, pet feed production is a laborintensive industry, is very suitable for China's national conditions.


4.Applied in food industry

Food industry is an industry with large amount of glycine, glycine can inhibit bacterial growth,chelating buffer and oxidation inhibition, has been designated for food additives, mainly used in food fortifier, seasoning and amino acids nutrition supplement ingredients, food, brewing, meat processing, the cool and refreshing drink recipe.Because of glycine with antioxidant functions, used in butter, cheese, margarine, can prolong the shelf life of 3-4 times.It can also be alone as a sweet taste, can be used in the production, candy and cookies for the prevention of high blood pressure is very good.In table salt, plus the amount of 5%.


5.Applied to the surface active agent and daily chemical industry

In the surfactant industry, with glycine can synthesis of cationic and amphoteric surfactants, also have good wet sex and can be used in the production of amino acid dye dyeing, used for skin care and cosmetics for cleaning after dispensing, in addition, to make foam, strong antioxidant drug cosmetics water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsion,humidifying and thickening effect.


6.Other applications

Glycine can also be used for animal medicine additive, also can be used as a PH regulator to add in the plating solution.In addition, the research on the chemical plating and application is becoming more and more widely.

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