Beta-Cyclodextrin Powder

β-cyclodextrin is a cyclic oligosaccharide produced by enzymatic conversion of starch. It can be used in food, medicine and chemical industry.
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Product Description

Product Name: Beta cyclodextrin 
Synonyms: beta-Cycloamylose; beta-Cycloheptaamylose; beta-Dextrin
CAS No.:  7585-39-9
Molecular Formula:    C42H70O35
Standard: CP, USP, EP

Function & Application

1. Pharmaceutical industry
Cyclodextrin can effectively increase the solubility and dissolution rate of some poorly water-soluble drugs in water. For example, the prostaglandin-CD inclusion compound can increase the solubility of the main drug to make injections. It can also improve the stability and bioavailability of drugs (such as Changkang granules volatile oil; reduce the unpleasant odor or bitter taste of the drugs; reduce the irritation and toxic side effects of the drugs; and make the drug slow release and improve the dosage form.

2. Analytical Chemistry
Cyclodextrin is a chiral compound, which has the ability to identify and select organic molecules. It has been successfully used in various chromatography and electrophoresis methods to separate various isomers and enantiomers. Cyclodextrin can improve the selectivity of the system in electrochemical analysis.

3. Daily chemical industry
Cyclodextrin and surfactants can be used together in shampoos and kitchen cleaners to reduce the irritation of surfactants on the skin; cyclodextrin can also remove oil stains on the fabric; in the dyeing process, the use of cyclodextrin can be Significantly reduce the initial dye uptake rate, improve levelness and fiber coloring.

4. Environmental protection
The application of cyclodextrin in environmental protection is based on its ability to form stable inclusions with pollutants, thereby reducing environmental pollution. Its unique molecular structure can be used for biological treatment of industrial wastewater. In addition, air fresheners can slowly release gas molecules by adding cyclodextrin to extend the duration of fragrance.

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