Sugar Substitutes in the "Her Economy" Apr 24, 2022
In the 2019 Accenture release, "Winning Her Economy Wisely, Reconceptualizing the Female Consumer in the Digital Age," it is mentioned that China has nearly 400 million female consumers aged 20-60, who would constitute the world's third largest economy if calculated by population size alone, and whose annual consumer spending is controlled by RMB 10 trillion.
In recent years, the female group is taking a strong stance to break the inherent perception of women, with women as the main purchasing power in food, mother and child, skin care, home and clothing categories in a household, and all kinds of consumer goods are transforming around the rise of female power.

Women are giving a small breakthrough in the areas of health care, skin care and child care to sugar substitutes.

1. Health Care
The 2021 Chinese White Collar Women's Healthy Diet White Paper analyzes the food and nutritional intake of urban women aged 18-49, etc. It shows that compared to the past decade, the dietary nutrition and health status of urban women in China has improved considerably, but the overweight and obesity rates have increased significantly.

With increased health awareness, "sugar reduction" has become a hot topic. "Sugar reduction" is to reduce the intake of sucrose, but in order not to affect the taste, can be replaced by sugar substitutes, aspartame and sweetener in sugar substitutes are controversial in terms of safety, some countries have banned the use of sugar, which also gives the opportunity for the development of sugar alcohol substitutes, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol and other sugar alcohols with low or 0 sugar characteristics, have CBNData research shows that sugar substitute seasoning and sugar substitute baking are most concerned by female consumers.

In Chinese shopping platforms, we can see food products such as sparkling water, tea, yogurt, fudge and jelly with sugar substitute as additives, and their selling points are mostly "sugar reduction", "0 added sucrose" and "no burden for drinking". "By adding erythritol, it can effectively improve the sweetness, heaviness and smoothness of beverages, while reducing their bitterness and astringency and extending the shelf life of food. For cake products, adding erythritol can reduce at least 30% of calories and will not bring negative effects after use, adding erythritol in jam can enhance the natural fruit flavor index, which is concerned and commented by the people who need to reduce sugar.

2. Skin Care
In terms of skin care, women are more and more concerned about product ingredients, product efficacy and scientific skin care.

Xylitol in sugar substitute can be used as a "moisturizer" in skin care products, replacing the role of glycerin, one is that xylitol is derived from wood hemicellulose or corn cob, natural and healthy, it belongs to the body's own substances, and skin contact will not cause allergic reactions; two is that xylitol has moisturizing properties, compared to glycerin, the skin feels more refreshing. Third, xylitol has good compatibility and can be used with a wide range of raw materials for skin care products.

In addition to direct use in skin care products, the market has emerged new food ingredients mainly for the female market, represented by the addition of hyaluronic acid, GABA, astaxanthin, etc., through oral intake to achieve the purpose of skin care, in these products, for the purpose of sugar control, mostly xylitol, erythritol as a sweetener, such as the addition of erythritol, soft sweetness, cool taste, not easy to cause obesity, dental caries problems, erythritol With antioxidant activity, animal science experimental results show that: erythritol has the role of protecting endothelial cells, adding erythritol functional gummy can achieve the purpose of sugar control and antioxidant.

3. Child Care
Scientific child care is gradually promoted by parents, when buying children's food, they will pay attention to whether the product will cause children's dental caries and obesity problems. Xylitol, erythritol, maltitol and other sugar alcohols are gradually added to some children's cheese sticks, candy, yogurt and other children's foods.

Take erythritol as an example, in the oral cavity, erythritol is difficult to be used by the oral flora and cannot be fermented by the enzymes in the oral cavity to produce acid, so it is not easy to cause dental caries; the energy factor of erythritol is 0KJ, so it is not easy to cause children's obesity by metabolism in the body. Erythritol is one of the most tolerable sugar alcohols, and a large number of animal and clinical experiments have also shown that erythritol is safe and non-toxic.

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