16th Week Nutrition Industry News Apr 18, 2022

1. Angel Yeast Opens Digital and Automated Food Ingredients Smart Manufacturing Plant

Angel Yeast is opening a new manufacturing plant for food ingredients. According to the company, food ingredients are at the forefront of its investments and the smart factory will not only further enhance its manufacturing capabilities but also expand its expertise, which will be used to drive new business models and improve quality, productivity and sustainability.

The plant will include an intelligent hybrid production line that will automate operations, improve quality control, productivity and energy efficiency; a packaging plant with advanced automated high-speed packaging equipment, including depalletizing robots and rail-guided vehicles that will operate autonomously and reduce labor pressure while significantly increasing production capacity per machine; and a range of intelligent systems, including an intelligent manufacturing system (MES), a distributed control system for the production line, and a new production line. MES), a distributed control system (DCS) for production lines, and intelligent automated storage facilities.

2. Cargill Strategically Expands Its Pea Protein Product RadiPure in the Middle East and Other Regions

Cargill is strategically expanding its pea protein product, RadiPure, in the Middle East, Turkey, Africa (META) and India to meet consumer demand. Pea protein is highly nutritious, with a significant amino acid profile and digestibility. Cargill Pea Protein RadiPure provides approximately 80% of the protein and can also be combined with other plant-based proteins. According to Cargill research, the number of claimed high-protein, plant-based products has increased 31% over the past five years, and 83% of META customers are choosing food or beverages due to their protein content.

3. ADM To Invest Millions of Dollars to Increase Non-GMO Soybean Processing Capacity

ADM announced a multimillion-dollar investment to increase non-GMO soybean processing capacity at its oilseed plant in Germany. According to the company, a key pillar of its growth strategy is the continued expansion of its differentiated product portfolio. The project is reportedly expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2023.

4. ADM to Invest $300 Million to Increase U.S. Soy Protein Concentrate Production Capacity

ADM has announced plans to invest about $300 million to expand production of soy protein concentrate at its U.S. facility, a project that marks the latest move by ADM to expand its alternative protein production capacity. According to ADM, which acquired soybean ingredient producer Sojaprotein last year, the company could increase production capacity by more than 30% between investments. The project, which will reportedly be completed in the first quarter of 2025, will not only increase soy protein concentrate capacity, but will also nearly double the plant's extrusion capacity.

5. Layn Launches Botanical Ingredients Library

Layn Natural Ingredients (Layn) has launched a free online plant library and search tool that companies can use to explore and learn about key plant extract ingredients and solutions. The Layn Plant Ingredients Library is said to be an extensive online resource that allows visitors to locate and filter plant ingredients by human, pet and animal applications and instantly access details

The Rheinland Plant Ingredients Library information includes sections on: ingredient sourcing; functionality; key plant active ingredients; tradition/history/origin; growing regions; why choose it; target applications; technical and health support functions; available formats; relevant research; active compounds; molecular structure; and safety/recommended dosages.

6. Probi, Symrise Launch Symferment, a Probiotic-based Skin Care Ingredient

Probi and Symrise have partnered to launch SymFerment, a new moisturizing active ingredient derived from the fermentation of Lactiplantibacillus, which, according to Probi, is produced in a recycled process that saves resources and costs. In addition, Symrise will be showcased in Paris in April 2022.

7. Leaft Foods Receives $15 Million to Produce Plant Protein Rubisco

Leaft Foods received $15 million to accelerate the production of Rubisco, a "beef-like" protein. According to the company, the plant protein rubisco from green leafy plants (such as alfalfa, spinach, kale or bean sprouts), not only has a similar nutritional composition to beef, but also has the same digestibility as animal protein. In addition, it can be mixed into many different foods, beverages and desserts due to its foaming and gelatinous nature. Currently, the protein shows positive results in milkshake or smoothie applications.
The plant protein rubisco has the following characteristics: neutral taste, odor and color, avoiding the legume flavor in similar products; hypoallergenic; and reduced CO2 emissions.

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