17th Week Nutrition Industry News Apr 27, 2022
1. KERRY Launches 0 Trans Fat Phyllo Products for Added Taste.

KERRY launched phytolipid end products. It is reported that the fat in this product comes from vegetable oil, which not only does not contain trans fatty acids (palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil), but also can increase the taste. At the same time, the product is produced using the original German imported creamer spray tower equipment, which is highly stable and has good precision.
The series of products have a wide range of applications and the recommended dosage is 8%-15%, including mellow phyllo, phyllo 32A, smooth phyllo, phyllo C40, phyllo X80, phyllo CT-S, frothy creamer KKL-8094, phyllo GM36.(Source: KERRY)

2. Cohanson Introduces Plant-based Meat Fermentation Solutions for Shelf-life Stabilization.

Cohanson is expanding its Vega Culture Kit portfolio with the launch of its new line of plant-based meat substitute cultures. The series is said to be a fermentation solution that reduces spoilage and maintains the freshness of plant-based alternative proteins. The new line is understood to serve as an alternative to high-salt options on the market, with the power of fermentation to stabilize shelf life and thus reduce sodium content in the product.

3. CK Ingredients Launches FabaFuel, a Broad Bean Plant-based Protein.

CK Ingredients has launched FabaFuel, a fava bean plant protein, as a deodorized plant protein. The product is said to be derived from the Canadian snowbird fava bean ingredient and is a fine, light off-white powder with a neutral aroma, 64% protein, 12% fiber and a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 0.75. According to the company, the ingredient has gelation and water retention properties, and its emulsification and foaming properties make FabaFuel an alternative or reduced application for egg whites. FabaFuel can be used in a wide range of applications, including plant-based meat and poultry substitutes, dairy substitutes, batter/bread, baked goods, puffed snacks and powdered beverages.

4. Van Drunen Farms Introduces Horseradish Powder.

Van Drunen Farms launched horseradish powder. Amaranth is said to be a leafy, succulent plant commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is a high quality source of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts and is rich in nutrients, containing nine times more omega-3 fatty acids than spinach. In addition, the product has a mild to slightly bitter, rich flavor and is presented in powder form. It can be used in green drinks, smoothies and meal replacements, superfood blends and functional foods.

5. Crown Introduces New VDS for Use in the Oilseed Processing Industry.

Crown has introduced a vacuum desolventizer vaporizer (VDS) for continuous indirect vacuum drying and desolventizing of temperature-sensitive products. According to the company, the VDS' desolventizer and vapor stripper are contained in a compact unit with a smaller footprint, providing full solvent recovery with low steam consumption and reduced product denaturation and discoloration. The technology can prepare oilseeds, vegetable proteins, hemp/cannabidiol (CBD), food and beverages, nutraceuticals, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals for flours, protein concentrates and protein isolates.

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