19th Week Nutrition Industry News May 09, 2022
1、KERRY launches LC40 Lactobacillus fermentum, which is good for infant intestinal and female breast health
KERRY launched LC40 Lactobacillus fermentum. It is reported that LC40 is a fermented lactobacillus CECT5716, from the specific strain of healthy breast milk screening (patent number: WO/2004/003235). The strain has been clinically proven to not only effectively regulate infant intestinal health and enhance immunity, but also to support female breast health. Currently, KERRY LC40 can be used in infant formula, solid drinks and drops. (Source: KERRY)

2、IFF launches SeaFlour, a red seaweed powder product that improves the stability of plant-based milk

IFF's Nourish division has launched a nutrient-rich hydrocolloid derived from red seaweed that improves the stability of plant-based milk and enables brands to formulate vegan dairy products with fewer ingredients. The ingredient, called SeaFlour, is said to be positioned by IFF as a non-allergenic "seaweed powder" or "natural seaweed" with high suspension capacity and requires minimal processing after harvesting and drying. In addition, it has a unique synergy with plant proteins to maintain the stability of plant-based beverages, providing a smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel throughout their shelf life. As a single ingredient, manufacturers can reduce the fat and sugar content of their products without affecting texture or mouthfeel.

3、Prinova Europe launches high-purity seaweed sugar ingredient enduracarb
Prinova Europe has introduced enduracarb, a high-purity seaweed sugar ingredient that can be used as part of its energy gel product concept to improve athletic endurance. Enduracarb is a slow-release disaccharide that has been shown to not only provide long-lasting muscle energy, but also to enhance performance, reduce insulin spikes, combat dehydration, mask bitterness and provide stabilizing properties. According to the company, enduracarb helps sports nutrition products become more competitive as the fuel of choice for endurance. (Source: nutritionaloutlook)

4, plant meat brand Heura launched a new food technology Good Rebel Tech

Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura is launching a new technological approach to food called Good Rebel Tech, which will produce high-volume, micronutrient-dense foods in a sustainable manner. The new technology is said to be simple to use, low in energy consumption and utilizes the inherent properties of plants for healthier food options, not only for upgrading nutrient-rich byproduct materials, but also for applying to underutilized plant resources. In addition, the method allows the team to evaluate micronutrients naturally present in the starting material without acting as additive ingredients and simply enhance their bioavailability when needed. As a result, only physical methods are used in the manufacturing process and no chemical treatment is required for the product. It is understood that Good Rebel Tech will file its first patent in 2022, which will include the production of nutrient-rich plant-based products.

5, Algalif and Divi's Nutraceuticals team up to launch highly concentrated astaxanthin beads AstaBeads
Icelandic astaxanthin producer Algalif and vitamin manufacturer Divi's Nutraceuticals have partnered to launch highly concentrated astaxanthin beads AstaBeads, capitalizing on the growing trend toward natural, sustainable ingredients in sports nutrition and healthy aging products. According to Divi's Nutraceuticals, the microbead format has many advantages, making an ingredient into beads that microencapsulate the active ingredient in a matrix and encapsulate it with starch to ensure excellent stability and bioavailability.
AstaBead is derived from natural microalgae and is available in two formulations: 1) for direct compression tablet production without oil extrusion or discoloration, but also for hard gelatin capsules and nutrition bars; 2) fast-dispersing astaxanthin for fortified powdered beverages packaged in cans or in popular bars and disperser caps.

6, Melt&Marble is introducing non-animal fats with meat melting characteristics and beef fat properties
Melt&Marble is launching a non-animal fat with beef fat characteristics and will upgrade its fermentation and food division to advance process improvements and application testing for the product. According to the company, the product uses a proprietary yeast strain and engineering steps to program the yeast to absorb sugar, which is then converted to fat through a precise fermentation process. In the process, they program the yeast by designing its metabolism to create a specific fat structure. In addition, the process delivers flavor and can create the texture of animal fats.

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