Organic Pea Protein Powder

Organic pea protein is made from high-quality organic non-GMO peas. The process includes separation, homogenization, sterilization and spray drying. The protein content is more than 80%, with good gelatinization and water solubility, including dispersibility, stability and solubility.
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Product Name
Organic Pea Protein
80% Protein
Light Yellow  Fine Powder
98% pass 80mesh
Pesticides Free 
Allergen Free
USAD & EU organic
Other Protein 
Soy Protein, Rice Protein, Mung Protein


1.Food Additives:Dairy products, baked goods, yogurt, ice cream,Ham, sausage.
2.Feed Additives:55%, 65% and 72% of pea protein is generally used for feed, and 80% of pea protein can also be used for pet feed.  
3.Nutrition supplements:Health care products ,Protein supplement.  

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