Furosemide Powder

Furosemide is clinically used to treat peripheral edema caused by cardiac edema, renal edema, liver cirrhosis, ascites, dysfunction or vascular disorder, and can promote the discharge of upper urethral stones. Its diuretic effect is rapid and powerful, and it is mostly used in severe cases where other diuretics are ineffective.
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Product Description

EINECS: 200-203-6
Molecular Formula: C12H11ClN2O5S
CAS Registry Number: 54-31-9
Appearance: white powder
Molecular Weight: 330.74414
Density: 1.606 

Function and Application

(1) Edema diseases include congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease (nephritis, nephropathy and various causes of acute and chronic renal failure), especially when the effect of other diuretics is not good, use this category The medicine may still be effective. Combined with other drugs to treat acute pulmonary edema and acute cerebral edema.
(2) Hypertension is generally not the first choice for the treatment of essential hypertension, but when the efficacy of thiazide drugs is not good, especially when accompanied by renal insufficiency or hypertensive crisis, this class of drugs is particularly suitable.
(3) Prevention of acute renal failure is used for various reasons that lead to insufficient renal blood perfusion, such as water loss, shock, poisoning, anesthesia accidents, and circulatory insufficiency. It can be used in a timely manner while correcting blood volume insufficiency to reduce acute renal failure. Chance of tubule necrosis.
(4) Hyperkalemia and hypercalcemia.
(5) Dilutional hyponatremia, especially when the blood sodium concentration is lower than 120mmol/L.
(6) Antidiuretic hormone hypersecretion syndrome (SIADH).
(7) Acute drug poisoning such as barbiturate poisoning.

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