Pharmaceutical Packaging Solution Jun 03, 2021
Reachever offers pharmaceutical packaging solutions that cover infusion injections, tablets, ointments, accessories and more. We have hundreds of sizes and can also accept your custom designs and custom labels.
Main products include:
1. Infusion/injection packaging: glass infusion bottles; glass molded antibiotic bottles; glass controlled antibiotic bottles; ampoules.
2. Oral packaging: glass molded oral liquid bottles; glass controlled oral liquid bottles; glass (yellow material, white material) medicine bottles; ceramic medicine bottles.
3. Eye drop packaging: plastic eye drop bottles; glass eye drop bottles.
4. Ointment packaging: ointment tubes.
5. Aerosol packaging: aerosol cans; aerosol spray valve.
5. Accessories: aluminum-plastic combination cap for antibiotic bottle; natural rubber stopper for infusion bottle; medicinal butyl rubber stopper for bottle.

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