Natural Products Expo West Ends Perfectly Apr 07, 2022
On March 12, the Natural Products Expo West, the largest trade show in the United States in the past two years, came to a close in Anaheim, California. According to the official statistics of the show, after two years of strong return, this year's show has 2700+ exhibitors from 42 countries, with an exhibition scale of over 40,000 square meters, of which 23% are new exhibitors. Meanwhile, 57,000+ professional buyers from 95 countries visited the show.

Five Main Product Trends

1. Innovative product dosage forms
The traditional dosage forms of dietary supplements are tablets and capsules, but in recent years, easier to take dosage forms such as gummies, liquids and powders are becoming more and more popular. CBD products are mostly gummies, and liquid dosage forms are widely used by sleep management, stress management, immune health and cognitive health products, in addition to energy products.

2. Combination of multiple ingredients
CBD products are usually compounded with Monkey Head Mushroom and Cordyceps extract to improve immune efficacy, and probiotic products are usually compounded with Elderberry and Turmeric extract to enhance microbial health.

3. A wider audience for sports nutrition products
As a result of the new crown epidemic, more and more people are choosing to enhance exercise to improve their immune system, which has stimulated a large demand for sports nutrition products. Products with natural energy and hydration-promoting effects were very popular at this year's show, and products traditionally aimed at older consumers such as bone and joint health products containing magnesium, collagen and other ingredients are also receiving increasing attention from younger people.

4. Brain health is gaining attention
The impact of the new coronavirus on human brain health has been widely discussed, and dietary supplements related to it are gaining attention. omega-3 has been the star product in this area, and other ingredients such as magnesium, theanine, mushrooms, GABA, etc. are also gaining popularity at the show.

5. Organic products on the rise
In recent years, the awareness of organic products is not only limited to health benefits, but also gradually recognizes the great role of sustainable production methods of organic products for environmental friendliness and fighting climate change. Therefore, organic ingredients are not only sought after by the food and beverage industry, but also increasingly favored by the dietary supplement industry.

Five Strategic Trends in Industry Development

1. The trend of brand marketing from the source continues
The growing consumer demand for transparency and technology in dietary supplement ingredients has prompted more and more brand manufacturers to start brand marketing for the ingredients of their products, such as inviting their ingredient suppliers to showcase the production process and technological input of the ingredients, etc. The products of many ingredient suppliers were also attracting great attention at the show.

2. Products are gradually sinking to niche areas
● Although the US FDA's Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) stipulates that dietary supplements are not allowed to make efficacy claims for any disease, this does not prevent brand manufacturers from launching products for individual health issues. For example, products targeting bone and joint health, immune health, eye health, brain health, etc.

3. Retailers and consumers demand more transparency in product information

● Data released by NielsenIQ at this year's show showed that product sales of brands with high transparency of product information and strong corporate social responsibility increased by 60.6%. More and more brand manufacturers and raw material suppliers at the show are showing third-party proof of their products' R&D processes, production processes and quality control, etc.

4. Sustainability changes from product innovation to reasonable expectations
Environmental sustainability has long been a key differentiator between companies' products, but this is becoming a thing of the past. Consumers are now paying more attention to the environmental sustainability of products from start to finish, and are willing to pay for the costs incurred. As a result, many companies at this year's show are promoting the sustainability story of their products as a key element of their brand marketing.

5. Nutritional supplements are gradually breaking through the inherent form of dietary supplements
● Generally people think that dietary supplements are all kinds of tablets, but with more and more convenient dosage forms emerging, the dietary supplement industry is being constantly reshaped. This year's show saw the emergence of a number of new products, such as chocolate with added vitamins and minerals, drinks with turmeric and elderberries, and probiotic drinks and yogurts in a variety of flavors.

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