Natural Preservative Nisin Powder

Nisin is a natural food preservative with high efficiency, non-toxicity, safety and no side effects, and has good solubility and stability. It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of many Gram-positive bacteria that cause food decay, especially for thermostable Bacillus, Clostridium botulinum and Listeria.
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Product Description

Name Nisin Powder
item No. E-234
CAS No. 1414-45-5
Material nisin
Potency 1000IU/mg
MF C141H228N41O38S7
Appearance light brown to milky white powder


1. Extend the shelf life of the product.
2. Improve safety by replacing chemical preservatives.
3. Low cost, high efficiency, low dose.
4. Reduce processing time and temperature.
5. Can be used for fermented products (no effect on bacteria).
6. Reduce heat treatment and processing time.
7. Inhibit the post-acidification of cheese.
8. No obvious cross-resistance with therapeutic antibiotics.


1. Meat products;
2. Dairy products;
3. Canned food;
4. Seafood food.
5. Vegetable protein food;
6. Fruit drinks;
7. Liquid eggs and egg products;
8. In the seasoning;
9. Brewing soy sauce;
10. Baked food;
11. Instant food;
12. Heat-sealed packaged food;
13. Flavors and fragrances;
14. Cosmetics;
15. Medicine, eye drops.

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