N-Sulfo-Glucosamine Sodium Salt Powder

Glucosamine Sulphate has important physiological functions on human bodies, participating in liver and kidney detoxification, playing an role in anti-inflammatory and liver protection, stimulating the growth of bacillus in infants' intestinal tracts, having favorable curative effects on curing rheumatic inflammation and gastric ulcer, and restraining cell growth. It is the major raw material for compounding antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs. It can also be applied as additives of food, cosmetics, and feed, with very wide application. 
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Product name:Glucosamine Sulphate
Other name: D-glucosamine 2-sulfate
CAS: 38899-05-7
Molecular Formula: C6H13NNaO8S
Assay: 99% 

Appearance:white Crystalline Powder

1. Repair the worn articular cartilage and surrounding soft tissue to keep the articular surface smooth; promote the formation of more "joint synovial fluid" between the joints, thus reducing the friction between the joints when walking;

2. anti-inflammatory effect: Animal experiments have confirmed that supplementation of glucosamine preparations to experimental animals can effectively eliminate arthritis symptoms.


1. Medicine: It can treat clinical functions such as endophthalmitis, purulent eczema, arthritis and snake bites.
2. Cosmetics: as a cosmetic cream and shampoo additive in cosmetics, it can optimize skin and have antioxidant effect.
3. Agriculture: It can be used for plant growth regulation and plant active agents. Glucosamine sulfate and its double salt are the raw materials for anti-rheumatic arthritis. 

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