Food Grade Chitosan Powder

Chitosan is widely used in textiles, food, cosmetics, medicine, medical equipment, biological engineering and other fields. The product has obtained E-DMF, NSF, ISO9001/22000, HALAL, etc., and the quality complies with the current USP and EP.

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Product Name: CAS 9012-76-4 Food Grade Chitosan Powder


English name: Chitosan

CAS No: 9012-76-4

Molecular Formula: C6H11NO4X2
Molecular Weight: 161.16
EINECS Number: 618-480-0

Chitosan is a substance obtained by deacetylation of chitin. Food grade chitosan is made from shrimp and crab shells, unpolluted and safe

Off-white, innocuous, flavorless, pearly color schistic or powdery, insoluble in water and organic solvents, but soluble in such as dilute acid, acetic acid, and so on.

Chitosan is the only natural active polysaccharide with cationic, and called the six element of life after protein, fat, sugar, mineral and vitamin, can be widely used in food, medicine, health care, chemical engineering, etc.

In Food Field:

Thickening agent, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping agent, juice and fruit wine clarifying agent, Chinese medicine flocculation clarifying agent, water purifying agent, food zymotic fluid flocculating agent, etc.

In Medicine & Health Care Field:

Chitosan has the effects of improving the immunity, guarding against hypertension, regulating blood sugar, anti-ageing, enhancing acid constitution,etc,also can be used in membrane materials ,medical materials,etc.

In chemical engineering field:
a. In tobacco field:  chitosan can be applied as good tobacco film , having good flavor, and burned with nontoxic and peculiar smell,etc.
b. In light textile field: chitosan can be applied in fabric finishing, keep-fir under wears, etc
c. In cosmetic fieldit can preserve moisture
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