Coenzyme Q10 Powder

Coenzyme Q10 has two main functions in the body. One is that it plays an important role in the process of converting nutrients into energy in the mitochondria, and the other is that it has obvious anti-lipid peroxidation effect. It can be widely used in food, cosmetics, and dietary supplement industries.
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Product Description

Product Name:Coenzyme Q10
CAS No.:303-98-0
Appearance:Yellow Powder
Molecular Formula: C59H90O4
EINECS No.:206-147-9


1. Treatment of heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy: Coenzyme Q10 has an excellent repairing effect on myocardial cell defects caused by ischemic (hypoxic) heart disease, and has a significant improvement in myocardial hypertrophy and dilated cardiomyopathy. .
2. The effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipid: A 12-week double-blind trial of 46 men and 37 women with high blood pressure found that patients who consumed 120 mg (two times) per day had an average drop in blood pressure of about Note of 17 millimeters of mercury (mmHg).
3. Antioxidant, cardiovascular system application: to prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and thrombosis, Coenzyme Q10 as a strong antioxidant can resist the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein in the blood, reduce the formation of arteriosclerosis, and prevent myocardium Infarction and thrombosis.
4. Treatment of congestive heart failure: In 1970, the scientist Folkers proved through clinical trials that compared with traditional drugs, two-thirds of patients' heart function was significantly improved by consuming 100 mg of coenzyme Q10 a day for two consecutive months.
5. For post-surgical treatment of heart disease: The recovery time of coenzyme Q10 consumed is much shorter than that of unused patients.
6. Delay the development of heart failure and reduce the fatality rate: It can treat chest pain caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries. Enhance the ability of heart beating and the ability to withstand hypoxia.
7. Beauty and anti-aging: Help the skin prevent DNA from oxidative damage, resist photo-aging, and reduce wrinkles. It is also commonly used in various anti-wrinkle, repair and skin tightening formulas. However, extensive research believes that exogenous coenzyme Q10 is far less direct and effective than endogenous supplementation of coenzyme Q10 in resisting human aging.
8. Anti-fatigue: It has the function of protecting and restoring the integrity of the biofilm structure and stabilizing the membrane potential. It is a non-specific immune enhancer of the body, so it shows an excellent anti-fatigue effect and keeps the cells in a good and healthy state.


1.Anti-Aging: As a strong antioxidant Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10 protects cells from chemicals and other harmful factors. 
2.Anti-oxidant: Water Soluble CoenzymeQ10 naturally prevents our body and cells from free radicals damage and works as a shield against harmful effects. 
3.Muscles are also in need of this enzyme, due to its energy boosting quality. Experiments proved that people who had a balanced Water Soluble Coenzyme Q10 level were more energetic and vigorous 
4. Heart-related problems It is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood pressure.

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